Three of the most popular citrus juicers

Who doesn’t love a freshly squeezed glass of orange? Even if oranges are not your thing there is surely going to be some other kind of citrus fruit that you love to drink the juice of. Well, imagine being able to squeeze your own juice at home through the use of the best citrus juicer for your money?

When looking to buy a juicer machine you will have a number of considerations to make. You will have to decide on what your budget is, whether you prefer a manual juicer or an automatic one, and of course other factors such as quality of build and any additional features that might come with it.

To make things a little easier for you, we have decided to lay out three of the most popular juicers around right now. You can use these as something of a benchmark of what to look for or simply go straight for these as you will know they are already in demand by other juicer lovers around the world. Three of the Best Citrus Juicers to Consider

1.) Breville 800CPXL
Breville 800CPXL

Anyone that knows juicers will tell you that Breville are the brand at the top of the tree right now. Their Breville 800CPXL showcases why this is the case as it demonstrates a high quality of build, ease of use, and the quality juicing the brand are famous for. Cast from high quality stainless steel, designed to be operated easily, and with an electric motor to help with the juicing, the 800CPXL is an excellent choice for home or commercial use.

2.) New Star Foodservice CommercialNew Star Foodservice Commercial

Another of the best citrus juicers is this offering from new Star. Their Foodservice Commercial has been designed with an extra long handle that provides the user with so much more leverage compared to many other juicers out there. This extra leverage means around 2300 psi of pressure can be used to really squeeze out every last drop of juice. It should be noted that while other citrus fruits can be used, it has been designed with predominantly oranges in mind.

3.) Black and Decker CJ625
Black and Decker CJ625
For the more budget conscious among you, the Black and Decker CJ625 might well be right up your street. This comes with a 34-ounce pitcher attached to the bottom and ensures you get every last drop of juice through the use of its auto-reversing reamer cone. You can even adjust just how much pulp gets through with a built-in strainer that has an adjustable pulp control feature. It might not have the same stainless steel finish as the others but it definitely serves its purpose well.

The three above are among the most popular juicers around and are considered by most to be some of the best citrus juicers on the market. However, there is a far greater selection available from notable brands such as Tribest, Jamba Appliances, Epica, and Cuisineart as well, so make sure that you have a good look around and check out any reviews for them.

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