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Best Citrus Juicer

Three of the most popular citrus juicers Who doesn’t love a freshly squeezed glass of orange? Even if oranges are not your thing there is surely going to be some other kind of citrus fruit that you love to drink the juice of. Well, imagine being able to squeeze your own juice at home through …

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The Top Juicer Machines that I’ve Used

My journey to find the best juicer Being a juice fanatic I am constantly looking for top juicers machines that can extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables I put in. In my journey to find the best juicer, I have come across many different types of juicers. There are 3 main types of categories …

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The $1000 Dessert

What does the $1000 Gold Dessert really cost & is it worth it? If you have money to burn you can head to Serendipity 3 New York and order this amazing golden dessert for a cool $1000. It’s in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most expensive ice-cream sundae in the world! And …

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The Benefits of Espresso

If anyone has reprimand you for drinking too much coffee, you don’t have to listen to them or bother. What you have to know is that you will definitely benefit from having a comforting cup of brewed beans every morning. It helps you focus better throughout the day, it can prevent diseases and it is …

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